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System Performance Upgrades

   Want to double or even quadruple the speed of your desktop or laptop? SSD
Upgrades are the upgrade for 2011! Switching your slow old 5400/7200 rpm
mechanical hard drive for a new screaming Solid State Drive will increase the
performance of any computer substantially. Most hard drives average 60-80MB/sec
transfer with 10ms avg access time, while a new high end SSD will do 240MB/sec
transfer with 0.08 avg access time!! Thats 5 times better transfer rate and 125 times
better access time! The slowest component in computers today is the drive. Let us
upgrade your system without breaking the bank.

SSD Upgrades for most systems are $170 and include the drive and labor.

We’ll clone your old drive over to the new SSD on any desktop or laptop without having
to reinstall your operating system. If your system is a desktop we’ll move the original
mechanical drive over as a D: drive for storage of pictures/music/etc. If your system is
a laptop we offer an external USB enclosure to hold your original drive for additional

Call or
email us today and find out how this upgrade will increase the performance of
your system more than a new computer would!