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Max Computer Doctor, inc. (MCD, Inc)
5575 North State RD 7
North Lauderdale, FL 33309
  Max Computer Doctor, Inc
is the only place in in town
where you could expect
great service with a friendly

We Take Care of All the

  • Computer Repairs
  • Performance
  • Upgrade
  • Virus/Spy Removal
  • Cellphone Repair(ALL)
  • TV Repair(LCD, LED, Plasma)
  • Apple Comuters(OSX)(ALL)
  • Web Design (std-prem)
Computer Repair & Maintenance

   Is your computer Freeze daily? Does it boot slow to Windows? Do you have a

funny noise coming from inside the case or your chassis? Wish you knew a local

computer geek who could fix everything inside of your computer(s) in the office without

charging an arm and a leg?

 We take care of all your computing needs here at MCD! Located in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

We are conveniently located exactly on SR 441 and Prospect RD (Next to Exxon Mobile

Gas Station) and can service all your computer, server, and networking needs at our location

or yours.

 With over 10 years of  Experience, 3 Microsoft Certifications, Cisco CCNA certification,

we’ll resolve all your computer problems quickly and completely at an affordable price! Most

issues are resolved for just under $100. Take advantage of our
Free Diagnosis and Quote!!